Please ignore all the following, I am only exploring and experimenting starting with Kora Lessons

This is going to be a place to come and learn a few bits and pieces of Kora music. I’m a beginner, and don’t claim to be any kind of authority on Kora music or African music in general – completely to the contrary.

It’s so cold in this house that I have to wrap myself up warm. The Kora don’t like it either.

Actually there is not a lot of kora material available on the internet as yet. As the instrument gets more and more popular,

so more websites are going to spring up.

I’ll just be adding some short excerpts from time to time. Here is a lesson of mine on Vimeo for example:

This is called ‘Camilla Rejected’ . She wasn’t actually rejected, but my composition was.

This is actually a boat

This is part two of ‘The Invisible Man’ by Seckou Keita

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eyes closed. attention starts at tip of nose, travels up to top of head, slowly down the  back of the head, down the neck,

A family of ducks in Pais Vasco

then coming up under the chin, crossing the midpoint of the lower lips then the upper  lips, then up to the tip of the nose again.

  • The closed eyes can follow the movement of your attention. They will be moving in their sockets.

This is a chair enjoying a shaft of morning sunlight


  • Repeat this  motion to the top of the head and then all the way round again.

  • Each time the circle starts again, move it a little to the right, getting smaller all the time, until it is moving out into space beyond the right ear.  

At this furthest point stop a moment in silence.


Then do everything in reverse until you have come back to the centre again.

Now repeat everything for the left hemisphere of the head.

Remember that your brain is mostly water. Your attention is bringing light and energy to the inside of your brain, stimulating the neurons into activity wherever it goes.  There may be areas which feel strange or uncomfortable or dark or dull:  linger more on those parts.


Now do the same thing with horizontal motion, starting at the top of your head, and going down gradually to the bottom of your neck and then up again.   Experiment with clockwise or anticlockwise… I’m not sure about this!

Remember that the eyes are following your attention, going round in circles.

The following video I made with Nicaren a long time ago.  I’m not exactly overwhelmed by my works to date, but this one I have always loved, mostly because of Niki’s exquisite narration and poetry.  Gracias.

English version: